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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Finish of the Year

I officially finished this quilt, binding and all. Finally! Now to make some cute pillows...
I have been working on it forever. For a while I wasn't liking it so much and so I just kept throwing it to the bottom of my WIP pile. In fact I blogged about the problems with it clear back in March. I can't even believe it has been that long. I quilted it with a large loopy pattern, hoping to be able to ease in some of the extra fabric so it wouldn't look so wonky. Well, it worked. Hallelujah! Then after washing it, it looked even better. I love the look of a crinkly quilt.  
A few of the customers that I quilt for have used a sheet as a back and I thought I would try it with a sheet that I got on clearance at Target a few years ago. I have quilted them before and they always looked just fine, but I was worried how it would look and feel after the quilt had been all washed up. Well, it still looks good. I don't know if I will make a habit out of this though since I love the feel of quilters cotton. What are your opinions on backing? 


Carol said...

Your quilt turned out beautiful! In the "olden days" I used sheets for the back of quilts, but now I'm like you and love quilting fabric.

Lauren Deel said...

I love this quilt! I wasn't following you back in March, so I have to say, "Wow! What a rescue job you did!" I'm very impressed. I definitely understand hating a quilt. I love/hate nearly every single one.

As for sheets, I used one as backing once, then regretted it. I have another one that I bought for backing, but have decided to set it up in the backyard for the kids to do some "abstract painting" on as soon as the weather improves. ;) Quilting cottons only, for me, too!

anneski said...

Logan your blanket looks awesome I bet your daughter loves her new blanket!! Way to go!

anneski said...

Logan your blanket looks awesome I bet your daughter loves her new blanket!! Way to go!

karen berrisford-snow said...

I love it! A good way to use up a large variety of scraps.
I always seem to love a quilt at the beginning and end of the process, with a lot of doubt in between :)