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Thursday, October 31, 2013

One Last Halloween Quilt

Kelsey is starting to catch the quilting bug and she loves Halloween more than anyone I know, so it's only fitting that she made herself a fun witchy quilt. 
Of course, we had to quilt it with spiderwebs and add in the cute haunted houses (kinda like the one from a few weeks ago). You can see a few of the other haunted houses going in different directions and on different colored blocks. 
This will be the perfect cozy quilt to cuddle up with tonight on Halloween. Good thing she finished the binding right in time, like as in last night. ;) But really, I can't talk. I still haven't finished the binding on my Halloween quilt. Oops! I guess there is always next year. 
 Hopefully you have some great plans for tonight too! As for me, I'm off to school parades, class parties, dance parties, picking up friends, dropping off friends, running kids around, and last but not least; trick or treating tonight! Whew, good thing there will be chocolate!

From my family to yours, Happy Halloween!!!

1 comment:

Karen Perkins said...

Kelsey that is FABULOUS!