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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shop Hop

Last week my mom and I were able to visit some of the quilts stores that were involved in the Wasatch Front Shop Hop. We've made this a little tradition and it's been so fun! I kept forgetting to take my camera in at each stop so I'll share just a few pictures. 
The theme this year was games and it was a lot of fun to see how each shop decorated and the games they played. Here we are at Corn Wagon's in Springville. Their game was Monopoly. They really got into their theme with all the costumes and fun things they had going on. 
This is their shop hop quilt. It was my mom's favorite of all the shop hop quilts. You can see all the little houses that go around the quilt, kinda like in the real game of Monopoly. If you look close you can also see all the vintage goodies they had found.
Quilts, Etc. in Sandy had the most elaborate set up. Their theme was Where's Waldo and they really did a great job with it all. This is my mom's go to quilt shop and we knew they wouldn't disappoint. I wish we would have gotten a better picture of the pizza shack they had set up, it was so great. Also, their shirts were pretty fun too. We love this place. 
One of my favorite shops is Pine Needles in Midvale. I like that they carry a lot of the more modern fabrics and they seem to always have all the fabrics from each line. Their shop hop quilt was my favorite, probably because it was more modern. My mom and I laugh because our styles are usually so different. 
 We only missed out on a few of the shops this year but we still had a blast. Can't wait until next year to do it again!

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