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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Late Night Slippers

My sweet middle boy, Cole,  was "sooo booorrrreedd" tonight. Both of his brothers had friends over for a late night but everyone he called was either sick or busy. Finally, out of frustration he yelled, "can we just make me some slippers?" I had made all my sisters a pair a few years back and he has patiently been waiting for me to make some for him, reminding me every few months or so. It was kind of random that it came up tonight, but maybe his toes were just cold. ;)  Of course I had other things I wanted to do tonight but some things are just more important. 
Cole picked out his own fabric and cut and sewed most of it himself. He did such a great job! He was so proud to show them off to his brothers when he finished, and of course they were jealous. His cheesy grin was worth every second of it!

A bit big, but all the better to grow in to. 
Paige, wearing her fur coat and pjs, with Cole.
 I had to add this picture because it's just so cute! Paige just turned two this week and of course her grandparents had to get her a fur coat because she is such a girly girl. She loves it, maybe a little too much! She wears it constantly and cries when I make her take it off for baths or eating. The first night she got it, she had to wear it to bed. After she fell asleep her dad took it off of her. When she woke up the next morning, she was mad that she wasn't wearing it and gave us an earful, ha! We're in trouble with this cute girl! 

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