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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Here is my latest finished project. This is an awesome pattern by Deborah Borsos & Leslee Price titled Memory Lane.  It is a row-by-row quilt made with Aunt Gracie's fabrics and includes embroidery, yo-yo-s, and 108 buttons. This was a project chosen for a year long quilt club that I belong to. Even though it was supposed to be done in that year, it took me almost a year and a half (I'm a little slow, haha). Since I love quilt clubs so much, I actually belong to several! It's my social outlet, who doesn't love spending time with other quilters? 

Although I don't have dogs, I love my Scotties! These cute little dogs are hand embroidered. The pattern called for the Scotties to be fabric appliqued, but I chose to incorporate my love for embroidery. Each dog has it's own collar tied with a colored bow.
This is my first attempt at yo-yo's. I thought it would be a lot harder than it was. Good thing it wasn't too hard, I had to make a total of 34 of them. I think they look so cute. I love the 3D effect it gives the quilt! I think I found a new favorite look. 

The quilt group chose to add a picot border to give the quilt a little more color and add some additional appeal. Here is where those 108 buttons come in! I was anxious to finish the project and 108 buttons got just a little time consuming and boring. ;)
 I think this quilt is so pretty. It will definitely be added to "my favorites"!


Dianne said...

WOW, your quilt is amazing and looks like there is a lot of detail. As a beginner I hope I can one day perfect my quilting skills as you have. I absolutely love your quilts. I can't wait to see your next one.

Unknown said...

I LOVE your version of my pattern!!!! It is always so good to see others put their own spin on things. What quilt club did you do this with? Great job!!