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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hobby Turned Business

I thought I'd show you my long arm quilting machine. It's a Statler Stitcher by Gammill.  My daughter and I bought it originally for our hobby of quilting. We used it so much that we ran out of our own quilts pretty quickly so we started quilting for other people and it soon became a business. We've enjoyed making friends with our customers and doing the long arm quilting for all of their beautiful quilts.   

The nice thing about having the Statler is being able to select from thousands of patterns available. The patterns are all adjustable to fit the quilt perfectly.  We're able to customize each and every quilt. The stitching on the Statler is very precise to ensure quality quilting. This picture is the underneath side of the quilt. It's fun to watch the patterns take shape as the machine is quilting. 

 My current project is a custom baby quilt featuring these cartoon circus animals.  I bought this as a kit a few years ago and just recently pulled it out to piece it.  I had forgotten how cute these little animals were. I think I'll tuck it away until the next grandbaby boy comes along. 
Also I wanted to remind you all that we are still offering 20% off all of our long arm quilting services through the end of May. Email us at for more information or with any questions. 

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