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Piecing the front:  If you are planning on using buttons or other embellishments it is best to add them after your project is quilted. Make sure to clip all threads and check to make sure that there are no holes in any seams. Also make sure to iron the entire project so it will lay flat while being quilted to prevent any puckers. 
The backing: Make sure your backing is a total of 6 inches wider and 6 inches longer than the front of your quilt (3 inches on each side).  This is extremely important because it allows us to quilt the front all the way to the edge. If you do not have enough backing, or it is only a little bigger we may not be able to quilt the whole top. We are able to quilt most backings, including cotton, minky, sheets and mixed fabrics. Again, please make sure to clip all threads and check for holes in seams. Please also iron the backing.
The batting: We offer Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 blend, 100% Cotton, and Polyester batting. When placing your order you can choose which batting is right for your project.  If you are interested in a different type of batting please let us know.
Placing your order: Please print and fill out the online order form designating options, measurements, and any special instructions, etc.  Based on these specifications, exact pricing will be determined.  If you have any special concerns or requests, please feel free to email us at
Drop off or shipping: If you are local, we can arrange a time for you to drop off your quilt to us. At this time, we can discuss quilting options. If you are out of town, we can give you a shipping address to mail your quilt to us. Once we receive the quilt, we'll contact you for any additional details.
Pick up or return shipping: Just as soon as your quilt is ready, we’ll call you to arrange pick up. If you are out of the area, we do offer return shipping. 

Call or email us today to get started or to find out more information on having your quilts custom machine quilted! 

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